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Travis and Pierre grew up in suburban Miami, FL in the 80s. We like to talk about stuff we remember. Things we loved and still love today. Shit we wish we could forget. Oh yea, there are obscenities in these podcasts, so hide grandma and the kids.
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Jun 29, 2015


Remember when Metropolis and Smallville got completely destoryed while Superman was off being angsty? No? Oh.. yea, I guess movies are different now. How about when Batman didn't care about Gotham and just wanted to kick Superman's ass. And he was played by Ben Affleck. Good god.. what kind of world is this for our kids?

Anyway, yea, we go back to a time where Superhero movies were fun and inspiring. Not so much emo and brutal. How quaint we were.

Music: "Superman Theme" by John Williams, "Batdance" by Prince, "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" by Spin Doctors



Jun 20, 2015


So, Pierre and I decide to get topical. When this movie came out in 1986, even the trailer made us /facepalm as 10 year olds. But recently, unless you've been avoiding all news and social media, you may have noticed recently life has kinda imitated "art." Could it be the head of the Spokane NAACP was inspired this awful movie? Ok, probably not, but we decide to make the commentary a little more serious, as only American middle class white guys can when spouting off opinions about the depressing state of race relations. (like our opinions matter most)

To sync up the commentary with the movie, start the track when the "NEW WORLD PICTURES" logo comes up.

*By the way, if you like these commentary tracks, naturally you should love Rifftrax! They do what we do, but a lot funnier and they sort of came up with the idea 25 years ago. Click below to view their site - it won't hurt, we promise.

Legend3D, Inc.

Jun 3, 2015



This week we are delighted to have fellow native Floridian Jay W Friedman, host of "I Don't Even Own a Television" with us to talk about the best (and not so best) novels turned into major motion pictures. Since we're all big King fans, we pretty much stick with those. Also, Travis fucks up and forgets that King actually did write "The Mist," the movie ending of which was so fucked up even King didn't imagine it. 


Listen to I Don't Even Own a Television:


Music: "The Shining" by Black Sabbath, "Pet Sematary" by The Ramones, "Bill O'Reilly F*ck IT Remix" by Lucian Piane