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Travis and Pierre grew up in suburban Miami, FL in the 80s. We like to talk about stuff we remember. Things we loved and still love today. Shit we wish we could forget. Oh yea, there are obscenities in these podcasts, so hide grandma and the kids.
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May 27, 2015

Freakin A


Well, after nearly 6 months on the air we finally tackled the holy mother of retro podcast fodder... the Rubik's cube. Oh, and we also get a bit into Star Wars. Ok yea, it's all about Star Wars. And oh boy, is this one a clusterfuck. Guests coming and going, dropped Skype connections, you name it, we bring the amateur hour swag, and you love it. 

Carl pops in as our 1st ever repeat guest, and Bulent Hasan from the Generation-X Wing podcast joins in as we bounce around mindlessly from the original trilogy, to the prequels (which Bulent tries valiantly to find some redeeming qualities about), to our expectations for the Force Awakens. So, let's jump right in, shall we?

Generation-X Wing:

Bulent Hasan's work:

Music: "Star Wars Theme" by John Williams, "Lapti Nek" by Michele Gruska, John and Joseph Williams

May 20, 2015



Well.. I can't imagine who we got this idea from.. *cough.. puke*


Anyway, to sync up our enthralling commentary with the movie, hit play as soon as you see the Movie title with the red font come up.. err.. this:




You can stream the movie via Amazon movies, Google movies.. whatever. You know how to internet. 

Enjoy! By the way, if you like this you should love Rifftrax - check out their latest episodes by clicking below!

Legend3D, Inc.

May 17, 2015



Josh from joins us from the sweltering wasteland that is Milwaukee while Pierre takes a break from his JadeHelm15 doomsday prep to gab about our favorite of all favorites, MST3K. Trav does his usual name-dropping of a cast member he knows and Josh reveals he's more up on his MST trivia than the hosts.

Josh also gives some cool behind the scenes info on RLM shows Best of the Worst and Wheel of the Worst, while Josh and Pierre lament how useless their years of college trying to break into media were. 


Check out the Wizard's Wizardry here:

IfIHadAHiFi: and

Info on the band's upcoming Chicago gig:

Music blog:

And of course:

Episode Music: "Love Theme from Mstery Science Theater 3000," "Wild Rebels Cereal," "Idiot Control Now," "Mighty Science Theater" by Joel Hodgson, Charlie Erickson, Josh Weinstein, and Best Brains, Inc. 

Of course, any self-respecting MSTie is also a fan of Rifftrax! The same great humor made for modern movies. Check out their website below - you'll hate yourself if you don't.

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